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LTAPA Talent Showcase

Since 2011 the 'Concert in the Courtyard' has been the tradition at Lansing High School, a fundraiser for Lansing Theater and Performing Arts Booster Club (LTAPA).  But you can't have a concert without a courtyard, and the high school courtyard is unavailable this year, in part because of construction, and in part because there isn't much courtyard left with the new chorus room filling a large part of the space.  So LTAPA is creating a new tradition that showcases Lansing performing artists.  The 1st annual 'Lansing Talent Showcase' will feature the talents of students, teachers and Lansing community members.

"We were trying to keep it to students and maybe faculty," says LTAPA member Denise Robinson. "But then we expanded it because this is our first year.  We wanted to get as many people involved as possible to get it going."

Robinson has been helping Talent Showcase organizer Margaret Shackell, who is recruiting talent and publicizing the event. Light refreshments will be provided after the show.  Master of Ceremonies Fiona Lory-Moran, a Lansing High School junior, will introduce the talent that includes Rogue Salami, a Middle School faculty singing group; music teachers and parents; singers; instrumental performances, and a tap dance.

As of this writing 13 acts were confirmed.  The names of each performer will be put in a hat for a drawing, with the winner receiving a $100 Amazon gift card.

LTAPA Treasurer Diane Nangeroni says the timing of the event may help insure its success.

"By doing it after the musical we find that kids who may not have known each-other that well really start to get to know each-other with all the time they spend in rehearsals," she says. "Friendships form and they see each others' talents.  So after they've been in the musical I think they're more likely to say let's get together and do something.

Robinson says that the showcase can also serve as a practice performance experience for students who are participating in the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) competition. 

"A lot of students participate in that," she says. "The thought was that these students are already preparing to perform in front of a judge.  They are trying do do their very best.  This might help them to ease up a little bit, to perform in front of the community, as well as be able to showcase their work."

The money raised by the event will go to fund LTAPA's various projects, including scholarships awarded to dedicated performing arts seniors at graduation time.  The organization also funds musical instrument rentals for students in need, purchase musical instruments, pays for repairs and updates to stage equipment, and funds other items that are used to promote and enhance Lansing's performing arts programs.

'Lansing Talent Showcase'  is set for the Lansing Event Center on April 27th.

For those conditioned by the myriad of television talent shows, Robinson says this one will just feature the talent.

"It's not a judged talent show," she says. "We value every single person who is going to be there."

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