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Using the fifth grade social studies standards and the lens of global connections, interactions and exchange, the Peace Cantata Project looks at the question, "How does my cultural experience with music and art intersect with the music and art of other cultures?"

This year, one hundred and eighty six fifth grade students from Beverly J. Martin, Enfield, Caroline and South Hill elementary schools analyzed this question through vocal performance, music making, interpretive dance, art and poetry.

Guest artists, Dr. Baruch Whitehead, associate professor of music at Ithaca College and founding member of the Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers collaborated with ICSD music teachers, Ross Mizrahi, Dorothy Preston and Nicole Temple on the music for the concert. At the concert's centerpiece is, Dr. Whitehead's, ​Peace Cantata,​ which premiered at the 2006 Martin Luther King celebration at Ithaca College.

ICSD art teachers Ana Goldsmith, Marsha Accera, Kate Praisner and Dianne Lynn worked with fifth grade students to create prints for t-shirts worn by students at the concert and art work displayed before and during the program.

ICSD fifth grade teachers, Joyce Wigsten, Ann Kolodji, Robert Graham, Mike Cecere, Ryan Conklin, Danielle Gardner, Allison Kootsikas, Micheryl Blake, Kimberly Blackmur, Carolyn Belle and Kimberly Lazzaro all participated in the project. Many teachers engaged students in projects or discussions where student's personal connections to music and art were explored through poetry, writing or art.

Choreographer, G'Quan Booker led Enfield and BJM students in choreography that will be performed as part of the concert.

The product of all of this work is a 45 minute concert performed by 186 fifth grade students from Caroline, BJM, Enfield and South Hill elementary schools with vocal performance, music making, interpretive dance, art and poetry. Don't miss the Peace Cantata concert June 14th, Noon in Ford Hall, Ithaca College.

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