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Albany, NY - Senator Pam Helming today announced that she and her Senate Republican colleagues have unveiled their Re-Open New York for Business plan to create jobs and support business, particularly in Upstate New York and the Finger Lakes region. This comprehensive package includes a set of common-sense solutions to help fix the ailing state business climate so that more hardworking families can live, work, and thrive in New York.

"As the Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business, I wholeheartedly support our Re-Open New York For Business plan and look forward to working with my colleagues to advance this plan in the best interests of New York's business job creators and employees. Whether I am visiting a factory or a farm, I hear the same thing from our job creators – New York is pushing them out, or they could save thousands by moving to any other state. We must cut spending and red tape for our job-creating small businesses and farms and invest in workforce development to unleash our state's full potential. If we are going to restore New York to its rightful status as the Empire State, we need to partner with the private sector and give them the opportunity to succeed and create jobs, especially in rural and struggling parts of upstate New York. This package would help the communities I represent and the entire state. I urge my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to join Senate Republicans in helping job-creating businesses succeed in New York," Helming said.

Helming and her colleagues have proposed measures that would help reinvigorate the state economy and establish countless job opportunities for middle-class workers. The Re-Open New York for Business plan involves:

  • Fighting for meaningful tax cuts for small businesses, including a $495 million income tax exemption for small businesses and farmers as well as a STAR program for small businesses, achieving another $275 million in savings;
  • Fighting to cut burdensome energy taxes, including elimination of the 18-A Regulatory Assessment, and building upon the successful elimination of the Senate Democrats' 18-A surcharge;
  • Making the property tax cap permanent, currently a temporary measure that has saved taxpayers $37 billion since its inception but was brought to the floor for passage this year by Senate Democrats without a three-way agreement in place for the final budget;
    • Opposing any new taxes to balance the budget, including the Governor's plan to impose new taxes on internet purchases and prescription drugs, among other fees in the Executive Budget proposal;
    • Calling upon the Governor and Legislature to enact comprehensive regulatory reform for small businesses across the state this year;
    • and Pushing for much-needed needed reform of the Public Authorities Control Board, so one person can never again misuse their vote to impede job growth and progress for New York.