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The power went out at around 7:30am Sunday morning in parts of Lansing.  According to Lansing Town Supervisor Ed LaVigne 8893 customers were affected, and there were reports of power outages in Freeville, Groton, and Dryden later Sunday.  Power flickered back on an hour later as New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) crews were dispatched and corrected the problem.  The outage came on the heels of LaVigne's June 12th trip to Albany where he, Village of Lansing Mayor Donald Hartill, Tompkins County Legislator Mike Sigler, and Lansing planning consultant Michael Long lobbied for inexpensive, reliable, consistent electric power to compensate for the natural gas moratorium that singles out the Lansings.

"Inexpensive,  reliable and consistent power is what I am advocating for Lansing," LaVigne said in a Facebook post Monday afternoon. "So far 0 for 3."

Customers who signed up for outage alerts were told that 4239 customers were without power, and that the cause was 'equipment interruption'.  LaVigne was more specific, reporting that a NYSEG representative told him, "the cause was a failed insulator , involving circuits 521 and 522."

NYSEG Outage Alert

While some impacted customers were philosophical about 'things breaking' many Lansing customers see Sunday's incident as the most recent of a pattern of power outages that included one in February and two in March, the the first of which saw 10,747 without electricity, and the second of which left 5,497 NYSEG customers in the dark.

"I'm in favor of inexpensive, reliable, consistent power," LaVigne said in an interview with the Lansing Star last week. "That means that the grid has to be reliable."

According to LaVigne's source, the power Sunday was restored in 59 minutes.

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