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Congressman Tom Reed called on House Leadership, the Office of the Attending Physician, and the Architect of the Capitol Monday to quickly establish guidelines for the Capitol press corps that carefully balance public health best practices and the important access the media must be given to provide the American people with the latest news.

Reed previously noted the urgent need to develop such a plan in a letter to congressional leaders and Attending Physician Dr. Brian Monahan last week. Though the Senate did circulate some important health guidelines last week, the House has not shared any additional press-specific plan or communications regarding this topic with reporters.

"Amid an unprecedented pandemic, it is imperative that we preserve integral press access as part of our new governance operations while keeping people safe," said Reed. "Significant work and collaboration needs to happen to address the concerns and health needs of congressional members and the media moving forward. We ask that a plan by the responsible authorities be completed as soon as possible to achieve these goals."

With the Senate reconvening today and the House likely returning in the coming weeks, many members of the media may also choose to return to conduct their reporting.

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