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Bath, NY - Congressman Tom Reed visited Keuka Family Practice Associates and spoke with doctors, social workers, and practice team about the behavioral health integration in their practice.

"I care about getting mental health services to those in rural communities." Reed further stated, "Mental health and physical health go hand in hand and we, as a society, need to move past the stigma that surrounds mental health so people can get the proper care they deserve."

The collaboration between Keuka Family Practice and Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, brings resources to our rural area to provide an all encompassing level of care for the mind and body in the comfort of a local family practice.

Reed also supported the 21st Century Cures Act, which improves mental health services to people experiencing early mental health issues and strengthens community response systems with databases on local facilities and stabilization units.

"NHMH - No Health without Mental Health thanks Congressman Reed for taking the time to shine a spotlight on the need to make effective mental health available in primary care, where everyone goes. This integrated medical-behavioral approach to care is the way to reach everyone, catch mental disorders early, and allow folks to freely discuss all their issues, without shame or secrecy in a place of trust and confidence," said Executive Director of NHMH(No Health without Mental Health) Florence Fee.

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