Raymond C. Buckley Elementary School

Since the Lansing schools closed March 14th everyone including school administrators, teachers, students, and parents have struggled to meet many challenges the closing has presented.  It hasn't been exactly bad news, but not what one might characterize as good news either.  But School Business Administrator Kate Heath told the Board of Education that there has been one piece of great news coming out of the crisis -- construction 2020 Community, Safety, and Health & Wellness Capital Project that would have been delayed until the close of school in May is being done now, putting at least some of the work ahead of schedule.

"The thing that is kind of a bonus in the midst of all this is that we're able to move forward with construction and get some things done that we weren't planning on being able to do till the summer," Heath said. "It'll be the one small thing that came out of this that was good."

Heath said construction workers will start on two key portions of the project: the yellow house that was formerly the District Office, and is now used for special education, and the Raymond C. Buckley Elementary School.  Heath said that she has alerted crews to be mindful that some school employees are working in the buildings, and to take care not to disrupt their work or health.

"I sent out an email to the construction manager to share with all the contractors to please recognize we're looking at social distancing, not to congregate in areas around other staff members and to be respectful of the staff that are still here and have to work," said Heath.

The former district office is getting improvements to exterior ramp accessibility, air conditioning, and a new electrical panel and fire alarm system.  The elementary school exterior and school office will be modified to improve security for the school.  Paving and sidewalks are being modified to improve traffic flow for parent drop-off and pick-up areas.  Some interior door hardware will be improved, and old unit ventilators as well as mechanical roof top units are being replaced, and other HVAC improvements are being made.

 "We are moving forward in a couple of different areas," Heath said. "We're starting in the little yellow house. We're starting with some work out in front of the elementary school, so hopefully we'll get ahead of schedule on construction."