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mailmanDear Editor,

Today I voted in the Democratic primary for congressperson. I live in the far northern end of Lansing, and the fire station, polling place #4 I believe, is where I voted.

As I approached the station I saw no apparent signs, physical or circumstantial, leading one to believe that it was a polling place, but I proceeded since I was already there.

On the door was taped on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper stating it was the polling place. I entered and was apparently the first voter to arrive. I mentioned to the staff - volunteers, I imagine - that there was no sign that this was the location open for voting. In fact, the marquee in front, which could have easily announced the primary, only congratulated the graduating class of 2018. There wasn't even an American flag to be seen! I got really concerned, hence this letter.

In trying to reconcile this in my head, I come to two possibilities. Either the person in charge was just clueless, or it was done purposefully to suppress voter turnout (It's Trump country out here). I REALLY hope it's the former, but either way, NOT good.

Ed Cohn
Lansing, NY
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