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mailmanIt's time for a change! This year we have the opportunity to elect Derek Osborne as the next Sheriff of Tompkins County. He is totally qualified including graduating from the FBI academy training! He has been promoted through the ranks of the Sheriff's Office, including a promotion to Undersheriff by the current Sheriff, and he knows this community well.

Now more than ever we need a well-trained person with integrity and leadership to effectively manage and administrate the Office of Sheriff without overspending the budget like the current Sheriff.

We do not need a person like the current Sheriff who claims to have files on residents (Ithaca Voice .com) and elected officials or whom systematically destroyed a home (Ithaca Journal January 2015) over a DWI arrest Warrant!

We desperately need a Sheriff who is up to date, who is accountable, and who understands the importance of a properly run County Jail by insuring inmates and staff are safe… and without demanding a new jail!

Most importantly we need a Sheriff that shows up and participates in our community, government and the daily operations of the Sheriff's Office!

It's time for a Change! I urge all residents to join me in voting Tuesday November 6th for Derek Osborne as the next Sheriff of Tompkins County.


Peter J. Meskill
Sheriff of Tompkins County 1999-2010

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