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This is our ninth issue and we are building every week  Our focus is on getting the word out that we exist, and trying to build on our foundation of advertisers who support the Star so we can offer it to you at no charge.  We've been working on all these fronts including making improvements in the local news and features we bring you.

We are hoping that you, as a reader, will support the Star as well, in various ways.  First, tell your friends about us.  The more readers we have, the more advertisers we can attract.  That is a win-win-win situation, because you get the news from our home town, businesses get to tell you about themselves and we get to keep bringing you "all the news from home."

Another way to support us is to tell our advertisers that you are seeing their ads.  Click on them, too -- some are offering specials for our readers.  Telling them that you saw their ad is telling them the Star is a good place for them to advertise.

A third way to keep the Star coming is to buy ads when you have something to say.  Our classifieds are a pretty great deal, and so are our celebration ads.  A celebration ad is a great way to say "Congratulations" or "Happy Birthday" or "I love You" or anything you want to tell a friend, a loved one, or just someone you want to say hello to.

Finally, if you know of something going on, or are making news yourself, please send us a tip.  We are always working on a number of stories, but we not only welcome ideas from readers, but we look forward to them.

Our hope is to make the Star Lansing's "On-line Main Street."  Knowing more of what goes on around town makes the experience of living here richer.  There are many remarkable people here, and this is a way to learn a little bit about them.  So we hope you will enjoy the Star, and help to support it when you can.


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