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mailmanTo the editor,

As a friend and colleague of Richard Costello for some forty years,please let the following serve as a hearty character reference/endorsement as he seeks the position of Town of Lansing Judge. Such a foray into political office may seem like a stretch for the unknowing, but a look into Richard's long term of being involved in the lives of others may enlighten those inquiring minds.

There have been some nay-sayers who have openly questioned Dick's qualifications,summarizing his life as a distinguished and decorated member of the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) as a superficial lifestyle that anyone with slight traing could aspire to. Offensive as that may be to a PGA member, it can be similarly stated that a lawyer can receive their 'stripes' by watching several episodes of Law and Order!

As a member of the PGA for over forty years,as a coach and golf professional at Cornell University for some thirty seasons,and as a member of the Central New York PGA Hall of Fame, it is quite clear that his life has been saturated with helping others not only learn a great game such as golf, but being involved in the everyday lives of their families as well.

A golf professional lives each and every day being involves in the lives of their customers,their students,and their staff members. Many are impressionable young adults,others are teens looking for guidance,some are adults coming to the golf course to escape the everyday stress of work,while there is another group who are retired senior citizens just looking for a concerned person willing to listen. That person for years has been Dick Costello.

As a coach of high school and college student athletes myself for nearly thirty years,I can tell you that the moniker of 'Coach' brings with it responsibility as well as pride. Similar to a priest, reverend, or rabbi, a parent, or a judge, a coach is intrinsically related to the people who come in contact with them each and every day,some days having to make decisions that are hard yet justifiable.

A person sitting in front of others with a gavel in their hand has a burden of responsibility and judgement resting upon their shoulders. They are involved in the community the size of Lansing, knowing many that will stand before them seeking resolution to their particular situation. Mr.Costello has been involved in people relationships his entire life,has been around wholesome families,and also has had some not so pleasant experiences in his day to day life of dealing with hundreds each day at the Cornell University golf facility.

As a member of the PGA myself since 1977, and having logged over forty thousand hours on the lesson tee with students of all ages, colors,economic backgrounds,not to mention talent level at Syracuse University owned Drumlins Golf Club, similar to Dick's situation at Cornell, nothing makes me feel more fulfilled that helping those who stand before me. Similar to serving others from behind the bench as a judge, more similar than many would think.

I heartily and with great confidence in the man and his DNA,hope that you will consider Richard Costello as the Town of Lansing Judge in several weeks. As a husband,father, and friend to many, Dick has earned our trust, and is dedicated to furthering his career as a facilitator,a man of decisions,and one whose entire career has been dedicated to listening intently before judging students,clients,and those in the workplace.

Ricard Costello....a coach,a listener,a man who can judge...a GOOD MAN....give him your support and all will be enriched and better off.

Sincerely and Respectfully submitted,

Joe Tesori
PGA Member
PGA National Hall of Fame
Syracuse, NY
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