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posticon Battle of Football Unbeatens Friday Night

Sports | Friday, October 11, 2019 | By Steve Lehr Print
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football Lansing v Newfield
The Lansing Bobcat varsity football team kicked off two weeks after much of the area football programs had already begun. Not sure why Cornell football starts their season far in September but for the Bobcats its due in large part to the limited available competition in these early stages of state wide 8-man football leagues. Cross sectional scheduling is not uncommon.

Game 1 at Elmira Heights on 9/21 resulted in a 47-6 victory over the Spartans. Several scorers were led by quarterback Ben Vincent. Jake Brotherton scored on a defensive fumble recovery and first year kicker Tristan Lyndaker contributed to the point total. This was a positive start for returning coach Brett Hotchkiss and assistants Matt Hartz and Mark Brotherton. Newcomers to the Lansing coaching sideline are Lansing alums Owen Davis, Brandon Davis and Hank Neubert.

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posticon Lansing Girls Soccer Has "Defining Moment"

Sports | Friday, October 11, 2019 | By Greg E. Wilder Print
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soccer girls 10a
"It's not how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up". In its various forms, this inspirational message has been spoken by Abraham Lincoln, Vince Lombardi, and even Rocky Balboa. Although the words have changed, the meaning remains the same. Persistence has its rewards.

It is a fact of life imprinted into us when we learn how to ride a bike. You fall. You get up. You brush off the dirt. You pick up your bike. You fall again. Then one day you learn how and you never forget.

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posticon Football Team Posts Second Win

Sports | Friday, October 11, 2019 | By Steve Lehr Print
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football 600
Coach Brett Hotchkiss and the Lansing Bobcats varsity football team made their second consecutive away trip to start the 2019 campaign. The 8-man football league saw an opening week road win for Lansing at Elmira Heights 47-6. A 1pm game at Newfield in week two was a matchup of high scoring 1-0 teams.

With near perfect weather conditions the Bobcats junior quarterback Ben Vincent hooked up early with sophomore receiver Carson Crandall for a 26 yard touchdown pass on the first drive of the game. The second drive saw Vincent run 23 yards for another score. The tone was set for some offense on this day. Newfield’s Jacob Humble was mixing the run and pass at his QB position and after one quarter Lansing held the advantage 14-8.

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posticon Are You a Sports Reporter?

football1We'll Make This Simple: We do not have the resources to cover sports, but you can help.  Lansing loves sports.  Our kids work hard and deserve the recognition.  So we do what we can, which is provide a venue for parents, coaches, fans or players to spend a short time writing bout our wonderful Lansing teams in school and in the Town Recreation Department.

Why We Need You: By the numbers we know our readers love to read about Lansing sports.  During the Varsity season the Sports page is as popular as our News and Around Town pages.  But with one staff reporter for all topics in our small publication the only way we can cover sports at all is if volunteer writers send in reports.

We would love to expand our sports coverage to reports on club sports, more Rec Department sports news, and other schools that Lansing students attend, such as Ithaca High School, club teams, or New Roots High School.

Coaches: We get many wonderful articles from coaches who have been really great about taking the time to write up theoir team's accomplishments.  If you are a coach, we love getting sports news from you!

Contributors don't have to be coaches. The Star welcomes contributors of all ages from students to seniors.  The great benefit of having a parent, a student, or any interested person writing about a sport is that you speak the language of the sport and therefore you can connect to readers much better than our one harried reporter could ever do.

Writing a sports article doesn't have to be hard.  While we do work with a style guide,
the basics are simple.  Our writing guidelines can always be easily found at

The many Varsity coaches that have contributed to the Star have been outstanding in this regard.  Individual contributors, often parents of the players, have contributed over the years and have provided amazing in-depth coverage of Lansing athletes.  The Lansing Star is also grateful to Geoff Wright, who has generously advertised on our Sports page since the Star began publishing, just to support sports in Lansing.

Coverage in the Star gives our hard working athletes the recognition they deserve, and your contributions make them and you stars in the community.  For students the opportunity to be published in a local professional newspaper is valuable when you are compiling your resume to get into college, or looking for a job.  For parents its a way to showcase your kids and their teammates.  For any sports fan it's a great expression of your love for our local teams.

E-mail sports stories (and pictures) to